Commissioned Artwork & Custom Paintings

This is a great way to honor someone with a custom designed beautifully painted subject matter of your choice. Choose between painted on location if it is a landscape, or using a photograph. Please see the examples below.

I would like prospective customers to know that I encourage a free consultation. I am hopeful that this will make the experience successful and allow me to gain an appreciation for what you really like so that I may emulate your desires. I realize the nebulous difficulty of pricing commissioned work, so questions and comments are encouraged. My base pricing $1.25-$1.50 per square inch, this includes a painting done in oil paint. There are two types of paintings that I can
suggest, an image created from a photograph at $1.25 per square inch , or a “plein air” painting, whereby the image is painted on location for $1.50 per square inch. For example, an 18”x24” painting done from a photograph at $1.25 per inch comes to $540 dollars. Framing is left up to the buyer unless otherwise agreed upon and subject to current frame pricing also priced per inch. This also varies based on the chosen frame style.

Samples of Commissioned Work

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