new work

“Inside looking out”

Ruminations: Fall of 2019 to present 2021

I started to examine times of the day through light inside rooms where I live.  The fall season and the impending virus made me go inwards in many ways.

Moments of the day became my friend, fast yet changing, yielding to the temporal, delicate light in my rooms, I started to ponder and “ruminate”.  A frozen world of my own personal feelings evolved and pooled within, contemplating the world, politics, trends etc. Hunger for life, color, freedom, tribal connection, love, growth, positivity, abundance and happiness swirled in my thoughts.

The paintings in this show represent how I spent my time during the pandemic.

Focus was undeniably easy.  Everything seemed to have an undisturbed awkward presence in my holed up world. I started to feel grateful and thankful for the smaller things that were givens, like the sunlight and the everyday things that surround me. The kitchen, the light dancing over my counter of daily sundry chach, kept me innately focused on its new beauty.  It somehow seemed very satisfying, somewhat beautiful, and a definite path away from the daily scourge of the current politics and sickness.

Light heals.